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Our quality policy

Established in Cameroon in the transport and logistics sector, our company has acquired a mastery of methods and performance allowing us to support our customers and our employees in order to bring them added value. This long-term vision allows us today to respond to and anticipate market needs, and to develop control of our resources in order to create competitiveness. Our goal is to give you access to a tailor-made service that meets your needs and ambitions.


« The customer guides all our actions »

  • Respect for the requirements of our customers by relying on the values of our company: listening, analysis and strength of proposal. We integrate our actions into our processes, projects, audits and training.

  • A tailor-made service to support our clients in their economic development projects.

  • A partnership based on common and shared values that allow us to strengthen our knowledge of becoming.

  • We work daily to be able to support our customers in their progress as well as the resolution of their daily problems.

  • We promote positive and active communication with each of our clients. The transparency of our actions allows us to establish a real feeling of trust for our partners who underline our availability and our responsiveness.


« SWYFT LOGISTIC undertakes to comply with
regulations both in terms of health and the safety of people and property. »
  • We ensure respect for ethics and well-being at work. Compliance with the regulations in force as well as these changes make it possible to ensure the safety of our employees and our partners (prevention plan, single documents, etc...)

  • We ensure the safety of the goods entrusted. We ensure traceability thanks to a high-performance on-board computer system that allows us to geolocate our entire fleet in real time and therefore have precise monitoring of our deliveries.

  • Ensure the security of personal data held by our company and that of our employees

  • We guarantee the optimal safety of our equipment, by respecting the regulatory requirements and implementing preventive actions and carrying out their follow-up. We are continually working on improving work tools to help simplify the tasks and the well-being of our employees.

  • The preventive monitoring and maintenance of our fleet is carried out constantly, which makes it possible to anticipate breakdowns.

Our partners