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The provision offer is a service that has been specially designed to meet the needs of professionals who constantly need a delivery person without the constraints linked to the management of an internal resource and this in a flexible way on a daily basis or for a day.

We guarantee formulas adapted to your different needs:

  • Dedicated urban broker : This service consists of the provision of a courier or a courier dedicated exclusively to its services and in charge of the removals, shipments and deliveries in the city of the folds and small parcels which will be entrusted to him.
  • Dedicated urban logistics : This service consists of making available to a private customer or a company who so desires a vehicle (truck, semi-trailer, vans, etc.), a forklift, a storage warehouse exclusively for its services and in charge of the various operations planned.

By opting for one of its services, the customer gains in productivity by no longer having to take charge of personnel management with all that that implies. He has control over the management of his schedule. The customer can also benefit from a decreasing rate if he opts for a longer period of availability.

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