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About our Company

Our vision

Swyft aims to revolutionize the logistics industry in Africa through technology and commitment to operational excellence . Present in Cameroon, we aim to accelerate our growth and become the largest local distribution service in West Africa initially, then internationally.

Our history

We initially launched as a B2C delivery service with a fleet of bikes and a call center. Our networks operate collaboratively to deliver the best service to customers without compromise. They compete collectively as a broad portfolio of customer solutions and are managed collaboratively, under the respected SWYFT brand. We are the first company to offer on-demand and geo-located deliveries in Cameroon.

We are proud to say we are currently the number one last mile delivery company in Cameroon, equipped of bikes, trucks, and more. The rise of the delivery sector, e-commerce and with a growing demand in the B2B sector for solutions for these companies is to internalize a courier function with the costs and management associated with it, without the courier or the driver being involved in the process of creating value for the company. In addition, the other problem they were exposed to was resorting to informal alternatives that did not guarantee any security, no transparency in the shipping process and uncertain availability of carriers. We then decided to reorient our market and address BtoB by offering them services that meet their logistical challenges.

Our technology

We have strongly focused our solutions on innovation and technology. Indeed, thanks to our team of engineers, we have developed a platform to facilitate the exchange of flows between our customers, our operational team and our deliverers.

This platform allows our team in the field and our call center to make their mission requests more easily. It offers them better visibility on their shipments and better inventory management. The information collected on the platform is transmitted to the operational team, a dashboard designed for dispatching delivery requests to deliverers. The latter receive their missions and their roadmap on their phone via this platform

We also have an API designed to be integrated into the merchant sites of our e-merchant customers in order to automate deliveries for each order.

Our partners